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illustration of the inside of my brain at any given time.

Sometimes, when a werewolf and a zombie love each other very much, a blue filter is born.

Sometimes, when a werewolf and a zombie love each other very much, a blue filter is born.


Bernadette Peters performing Last Midnight in Into the Woods.

This song went straight to my bones the first time I heard it.

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Science Fiction should matter.

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"Let’s Do It" by Alicamel

Things I love

  • this Tank Girl version of Let’s Do It
  • Everybody/Everybody shipping

Will Graham, Murder Mata Hari, setting in motion Operation Murder Honey Trap.  

Because Murder Fan Service, that’s why.

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Ray messing with Fraser never ever gets old.

Before they went to LA and everything became flat and plastic, this show could be fucking fab to look at.


Young Marx Brothers: Arthur (Harpo), Milton (Gummo), Leonard (Chico) and Julius (Groucho)

Do I want a picture of the young Marx Brothers looking as if they’ve just been told “the orgy starts in one minute”  ?

Let me think.

Yeah, apparently I do.

okay, I have lasted six minutes into Fargo.

Martin Freeman’s voice and accent for this character is making me so. uncomfortable.

I was not expecting that to be the thing about this show that made me cringe and stop the video.

He sat down by her side beneath a small top window, and he put his long, loose arm about her. She shuddered a moment and then stiffened again. But she did not ask him to remove his arm.

In the small loft with the great castle beneath them like a gigantic body with its arteries filled with water, they sat there side by side, and stared at where a piece of plaster had fallen from the opposite wall, and had left a small grey pattern the shape of a heart.

Gormenghast (via mattjn14)

I quite liked a lot of the Gormenghast miniseries, but it was an utter crime that they gave us Bellgrove and Irma being ridiculous in the garden and did not give us any of their sour-sweet marriage (possibly because Stephen Fry was much too young for a lot of it to work).




for everyone wondering about the quotes i’ve been posting lately—buy yourself a copy of this book. it will greatly improve your life. i mean this book has everything, including but not limited to

  • musical numbers
  • massive multi-crew pie fights
  • mccoy having the time of his life stuffing pie down someone else’s pants
  • mccoy almost going supernova on sulu after sulu wakes him up before dawn
  • did i mention it’s a fucking musical
  • musical numbers
This book is the shit. It is quite literally a published fanfiction. Every single character is a reference to one of John Ford’s buddies. Pete and Deedee? Peter Morwood and Diane Duane. Ilen the Magian?
Neil Gaiman. And it is hysterically, fourth-wall-crushingly funny. Mountains fall, and dilithium is revealed!

My favorite bit is the filmstrip of “Dilithium And You.” …”That man will recover because he got prompt medical treatment!”. :)

As a kid, when we went to the grocery store by the bookstore I would whine until allowed to buy a Star Trek book.  Which I would then read most of on the drive home.  I treated them exactly like candy bars.  But a few of them were different.

I didn’t really get HMFJTP then; most of the references flew right past me.  But I always loved it a lot. 


I’ve been having a lot of feelings about fan things this week … and so, I saw that retrospective “We Didn’t Start The Fire” vid going around?  Which is awesome in its own way.

However, THIS is the vid I’ve been wanting to reblog … all meta and a celebration not just of source material, but of fanworks and fan community. (I also kind of love the way it takes some originally negative portrayals of fans and subverts the source materials’ intentions.) Excuse me, I have something in my eye …

I have trouble getting past the source material’s deliberate assholery, and yet I still thought this was pretty awesome.







We Didn’t Start the Fire - 50 Years of Fandom

[details here]

password to watch: fandom!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am neither Fiercynn nor Scribe - hence the link. I just felt it was entirely, entirely, completely necessary to share this with everyone, because this is one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen in my life. I just - fuck. I’m in tears as I type this, because this vid? Is not about a bunch of fandoms, it’s about what fandom is, it’s about a tradition that goes back a long, long time of people looking at stories and saying “here’s what I have to say about that,” and other people listening. Towards the end it gets into fandoms I know, fandoms I’m in or have been in, and that’s when I started crying, because - this is going to sound so ridiculous, but I can’t help it, because that was when I realized that I was part of it, this old often-problematic beautiful revolutionary thing. And then, the last few minutes, it gives us characters who tell stories in the stories (Becky Rosen!), it saysyes, you, this is your story too. It’s two-thirty in the morning, I’m crying, and I may not be coherent but I have absolutely no regrets. Watch this.

Wow. Wow wow wow wow.

For me, the best thing about this is the fact that it’s in a pretty chronological order. Because eventually I was like “It’s nice to see all the fandoms of yore— WAIT, THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN!” and then water was leaking from my eyeholes because omg, hello fandoms that I have seen rise and fall. 

This is a fucking masterpiece of vidding.

I got teary when I saw Due South. <3

Omg so many tears, so many feelings. 

This is one of the best fandom things I’ve ever seen.

Wow. Yes.

I kept being like, okay but they’re going to skip this and then I’ll be sad. And they almost never did.

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john calling sherlock ‘fantastic’ and ‘brilliant’ in bed and one day they are at a crime scene he lets slip out a ‘you’re amazing’ and sherlock gets a pavlovian erection



Now I kind of want to change my name.

John lay there a moment longer, not sure how to feel.  Sherlock’s morning routine lately had involved appropriating John’s cock for his own use as well.  John had been expecting the pattern to continue.  He had the beginnings of a pavlovian erection already.    Safe Distance ch 1 

just saying.

Also, it’s a little bit my headcanon that Sherlock has such a praise kink that Sherlock’s pants practically go boi-oi-oi-ng every time John calls him “fantastic” right from day one.

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