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No flashbang explosion season finale could be this catastrophic.

"Preferably something cuddly and vegetarian, ‘cause this is my best shirt."

I cheer every time.



But Avon’s faintest little headshake at the end though.

There is always a possibility though, that Paul Darrow was just trying very hard not to laugh :))

yeah, but I’m not that interested in actors, so I’m not bothered whether characterization I enjoy is carefully considered deliberate acting choice, or just an accident of camera angle and what somebody had for lunch.  

But Avon’s faintest little headshake at the end though.


V.F. Portrait | Neil Patrick Harris

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz. 

In a life of weird boners I have had, this is a seriously weird boner.

(via lux-obscura)

I know I should start trying to catch up on all the stuff that didn’t get done because of the stupid failness of the past few days.  But whenever I consider it, there arises from within me a scowly weathered muthafucka who squints solemnly into the distance and shakes a weary head.  And a voice of nicotine and tired anger speaks one word with the finality of gunshots: “Nope.”


Promethea - Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III

Oh, you know, just Alan Moore being smarter than everybody.


relationship status: In Cahoots With

I was tagged by havingbeenbreathedout​ 

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havingbeenbreathedout’s questions:

Do you engage in retail therapy? If so, what’s your stress-shopping product of choice?

Not really.  I do occasionally spend too much at the crafts store or book store, but it’s not something I particularly do when I’m stressed or upset — then I often don’t have the energy to go to a store in the first place, and I often find too-many-choices paralysis stressful too.

If you had to choose, would you rather have a head-cold for two weeks, or stomach flu for two days?

While school is in session, have to choose the head-cold.  I can teach with a head-cold.  Stomach flu probably means cancelling class.

Is there a time when you lied and feel it was justified?

Many people seem to lack the concept of privacy.  If they ask for details about my health, private life, etc., I will try to politely deflect.  If they demand to know anyway, I may lie to get them to leave me the fuck alone.  It makes me feel gross, but, yeah, totally justified.

Is there a time when you lied and feel it wasn’t justified?

I can’t think of any.  I’m not very good at lying, so it’s usually only when I feel backed into a corner.

What was your favorite thing to play at/imagine when you were a kid?

Mostly endless ongoing emotionally charged scifi/fantasy adventures that tended to be influenced by whatever I’d been reading/watching recently, sometimes played out with Star Wars figures, but mostly just going on in my head at all times.  Someone was always being kidnapped, tortured, and generally menaced and having to be rescued.

The only game I ever played with any other kids seems to have no source in any existing fiction, though.  We were vampires (also possibly spies) and had to hunt people, but sometimes our enemies would kill one of us, and one of the other vampires  would have to bring us back to life with a kiss.  There was no one else to hunt or to be our enemies; we just sort of declaimed plans and ran around, declaring what had happened this time.  I really liked being killed and was constantly being found slumped against a tree waiting to be revived.

Have you ever had a dream that you still laugh when you remember it?

Not really.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a humorous dream.  Weird, but not funny.

Have you ever had a dream that you still shudder when you remember it?

Lots.  I had a long period when I dreamed of being chased constantly, but the worst ones are the ones where someone I love dies, which have happened periodically for as long as I can remember.

What fictional character do you have the most ambivalent feelings about, and why?

I guess Ace from Doctor Who, because I identified with her so much as a teenager.  I really don’t often identify with characters; I recognize that they have characteristics in common with me, but that’s about it.  So I never really knew how to deal with the cognitive dissonance of knowing she wasn’t really all that much like me in some ways, but identifying with her so hard anyway.  Writing her doing/thinking things I’d never do somehow always felt especially weird.

What was your first paying job outside the home?

I guess technically teaching/research assistant, because I was paid a small stipend for that in grad school.  But really, professor in college was my first real job.

What few factors need to be present in order for you to feel like something is a “special occasion”?

I suppose the definition for me is that there is some aspect that would not occur any other time — something you otherwise never eat or drink or wear or whatever.  But I tend to actually find that frustrating.  I’m sat there thinking, why not have champagne every day, if I like it?  And if I don’t like the trappings of an occasion — e.g. wearing academic regalia — why does that have to be there to make what’s supposed to be a happy occasion less pleasant?

my questions

1. Did you have a story, song, or video you had to have over and over and over again when you were wee?  What was it, and how do you feel about it now?
2. Have you ever tried to use makeup to make a major change in how you look, whether for a costume or street wear?  Did it work?  Did you like it?
3. Do you often get songs stuck in your head?  Which was your most recent earworm?
4. What’s something that you know was supposed to make you cry, but just left you cold?
5. What’s your favorite type of half-human-half-animal creature – centaur, mermaid, etc.?
6. What’s your favorite fabric?
7. What’s your favorite villain’s song from a musical (Disney/Broadway/whatever)?
8. Do you usually know the phase of the moon?
9. What was the best class you ever had? Why? 
10. Have you developed any personal traditions that as far as you know nobody else does outside you/your household?  Describe one.
11. Do you have a youtube channel you subscribe to and actually watch most of the videos as they come out?  What channel?


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Puddles Pity Party and Mokeyzuma - My Heart Will Go On

a) this is the best this song has ever been

b) I’m meh on Monkeyzuma’s schtick, but Puddles act does seem to work better with an extra element

c) I believe they’re based in Atlanta, but this particular performance screams Germany to me.


2. A girl in the background of the cafe scene is wearing Avon’s clothes from Sand.

I am pleased when this happens.


25 Days of Blake’s 7
Day 11: Least Favourite Episode

Sand. Can’t write Harvest of Kairos off completely because of Avon’s pet rock. I forgot to mention Avon’s rock in the ‘greatest romance’ section, I almost wanted to see Orac attempt to take it out.

Anyway, I decided to forgo my usual essay and go instead with a visual timeline of Avon’s insanity as depicted through his hair.


'Justify, stupid!' is best hair. Strangely short fringe, darker hair, unassuming & mysterious.


Fringe grows out


IT BEGINS HERE. Hairdresser decides to get creative and sweep fringe to side. This is the beginning of the end.


Scorpio has volumiser on board.







I’m so glad somebody documented the progress of Avon’s crazy!hair.

Me pretty much any time I have a conversation with men.  

In several ways, actually.  Men often announce information about the stats of their cars or boats or computers that is apparently supposed to be impressive instead of just noise.  And assume I’m ignorant because I never bothered to memorize the rpm of my hard drives.

Men are also often obsessed with stats generally.  I had a stranger follow me around for fifteen minutes at a craft fair once demanding to know exactly how long I had been growing out my hair, and getting angrier and angrier that I was being so rude by not giving him a number.  He could not explain what “growing out” meant.  Meaning was irrelevant, quantity was everything.  He also wanted to know how long it was, and was unhappy but satisfied with “about a yard.”  

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Connor Temple having a play in a ball pool.[Insert DashCon joke here]

I knew a post like this was out there somewhere.


Connor Temple having a play in a ball pool.
[Insert DashCon joke here]

I knew a post like this was out there somewhere.

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