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The Doctor, a character played by Colin, Peter, Sylv, and um, some other guys, I guess.

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I actually cry pretty easily, but oddly not a lot of scenes in television have made me cry.  This episode made me cry.

And then then the lesbian disney princesses ascended into heaven.

Xena and Gabrielle’s bisexuality was not harmed by my old “lesbian disney princess” joke.


someone set one second per episode… watch out you may cry

This was in syndication every day after school when I was a kid.  Has there ever been anything else like it?

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538,327 plays

Audio of Martin Freeman’s one more miracle speech. 

I keep saying.  Even video is better in audio.

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If you’re uninterested enough in the ACD stories that you don’t know which elements are actually there in the text and which are Baring-Gould’s wacky speculations, then why would you be invested enough in the idea of canon in the first place to use canonicity as a support for your argument?

Go on, hit him!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer | S3E6 - Band Candy

For Ripper and Ethan I think this counts as a threesome.

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He wouldn’t like you to think it, but Vila has style.


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mycroft Holmes/Mike Stamford
Characters: Mike Stamford, Mycroft Holmes
Additional Tags: Bondage, Dom/sub, Sex in a Car, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Fat People Having Good Sex, Mycroft has food issues, Established Relationship, Prompt Fic, gridlockDC writing workshop

Naked, Mycroft was a pied thing, all freckles, splotches of pink across his pale chest, sock garters binding his wrists over his head in the back of a taxi.

"Comfortable?" Mike asked.

A fantastic fic of a truly rare pair, Mike Stamford & Mycroft Holmes from the author of one of my favorite stories, Comorbidity

Sock garter bondage and freckles!

Eee!  I so wasn’t expecting this fic to get more than a couple hits, because talk aboutcher rare pairs.  To get such a kind rec is just!  Squee!

Black M - Sur ma route

a glimpse of representation

(but black Frodo and black Joker tho.)


The clothes you’re wearing, the room, the house, the city that you’re in. Everything in it started out in the human imagination. Your lives, your personalities, your whole world. All invented. All made up. All the wars, the romances. The masterpieces and the machines. And there’s nothing here but a funny little twist of amino acids, playing a marvelous game of pretend.” 

― Alan MoorePromethea, Vol. 5

Promethea is one of the smartest, most interesting things I’ve ever read.

I’m tempted to liveblog a re-read, but that might consist of me just wailing “Why am I not as smart as Alan Moore?” for 32 issues.  I mean, just that two page spread with Sophie and Barbara walking around the lemniscate is fab, but every time I even think about how issue 12 works, my head explodes.


Pascal’s Wager

Mithras is up there going, “Oh, you guys were this><close.”

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There’s a LOT else to it, but there is a through line from here to Avon continuing the work Blake relied on him to do, no matter what. 



Justyna N

Childhood Lost


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I identify with Andy Brennan a lot

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